What makes you proud to be a singaporean

Regardless of our skin colour, we co-exist with equal rights. Do you know how dirty and stinky trains in New York are?

We also yearn to ensure that the virtually the whole world knows what we are doing real time. Chef Devagi Sanmugam Then there comes the time of the year on August 9 where we sing with pride, for one day at least, the national anthem and proudly display our national flag in front of our homes.

For that period of time, we gather together as one Singapore to remember fondly the country we call our home. Our public transportation system is efficient, and taxis are ever available.

10 Reasons Why I Am Proud To Be Singaporean #SG50

And this equality is stronger than you think. No prejudices, no discrimination. We want to know this, we want to know that. Annoying as this habit may be, the sight of tissue paper on the table is respected as, "Okay, you got here first and you took the table.

Some might say tapping our ez-link cards through our wallet or bags are signs of laziness. Our desire to be perfect means we painstakingly take time to put things together.

The Singaporean Slang I guess every country has a unique way of speaking. One of the most respectful gestures of this island is definitely found in our eating places. You name it, we have it. Sure, Singapore can still be fun with these free activities.

But as compared to first world cities such as New York, London and Paris, ours is world-class. The proximity and accessibility are unparalleled. Sometimes, we wait longer than we should for a train. And do you know how often the tubes in London break down, or the drivers go on strike?

Why You Should Feel Proud To Be A Singaporean

The cherry on top? We blow stuff completely out of proportion just for the sake of our daily dosage of entertainment. We say the word "Singapore" with pride and blabber on about how we miss the food, Singlish and sunshine and sometimes mummy. We receive the same education, we grow with the nation, and we stand equal chances when seeking a job.

While we move forward as a nation, we have not forgotten the people who made us who we are today Just look at how fast we build up and tear down the F1 track every year.

This huge privilege has facilitated smooth international travels and the Singapore passport has unsurprisingly been ranked globally as fifth best with regards to ease of travel, with exception of just a few countries, of course. Johor Bahru, Bintan and Batam are all less than an hour away.

We may be expensive when compared to our neighbours, but on a world index, the cost of an average meal is actually pretty low. With the new Downtown line up and running, you can get to anywhere on this tiny island with an EZ Link card.

Where else in this world can you reserve a seat with a tissue packet, a pen, an umbrella or even a name card?

15 Traits That Make Us Singaporeans

Modernly Traditional Singaporeans are a good blend of traditional and at the same time modern people. We build a nation, strong and free, reaching out together for peace and harmony.So what am i most proud mi-centre.com born a Singaporean and being given opportunities to learn and grow as a human being in a multi-racial & multi-religious secular society because of the leadership and vision of the migrant generation who came before us.

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Whether you’re in your golden years or you’re a Gen Y kiddo, here’s something we Singaporeans can all agree on. 50 Reasons Singaporeans Are Proud of Their Country. Singapore is the only country to go from third-world to first-world in one generation.

Image credit: chenisyuan. 2. Singaporean K-Pop Star Hunt 3 finalist Stephanie Koh proclaimed during an interview last week that she was "not proud to be a Singaporean". Her comment drew much flak from Singaporeans, prompting her to respond with a minute YouTube video two days ago defending her stance.

Apr 16,  · Yes, I'm very proud of being a Singaporean and honoured to be living in this wonderful homeland! Things that make me proud about Singapore are: 1.

Clean & green environment 2. Low crime rates country 3. High efficiency workforce 4. Uncorrupted government 5. Stable but high living standards 6.

Great nightlife entertainment activities mi-centre.com: Resolved. Why You Should Feel Proud To Be A Singaporean July 27, by ladyironchef / Comment (1) Singapore may be just a tiny little red dot on the world map, but it is one of the best first-world cities and one of the most desirable city to live in.

One of our readers decided to list down 10 reasons why we are really proud to be Singaporean and hopefully, we will hear more positivity online. To be honest, we are pretty tired/sick of hearing how the verbose minority diss the country.

What makes you proud to be a singaporean
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