The well paid receptionist executve summary

Once the organizational culture has been changed for the better, the company will find it easier to implement Value Driven Management.

But I suppose based on the examples of the salaries of manager and best salesman that they had exactly determined salary and no incentives in the form of purcentage of the sales or profit existed. But this town had only 5 habitants, was located in deep South and has just begin to recover from recession.

Problems in individual employee values are likely to erupt should Harvey decide to dismiss Cathy. Contrary to what business schools advocate for, maximizing profit is not what has brought visionary corporations to their current status.

Well-Paid Receptionist: Case Analysis Essay

She had just moved into Troupville and was unemployed for two months. Equity theory says they would compare their individual work or position with her position and work she was doing and there would be probably a gap.

The other alternative is to make Cathy principal partner in the company. The company must offer its employees the top factors that may lead to job satisfaction, which are growth, advancement, responsibility, work itself and achievement.

Final recommendation Based on my analysis and careful consideration of the possible alternative solutions I must say there are many questions that can not be answered.

There were 17 people working in the company comptroller, managers and sales representatives and nobody earned so much. On the other hand, should Harvey decide to sack Cathy, the organizational culture will weaken and negatively affect maximization of VOT.

The Well Paid Receptionist Case Analysis Essay

On her position hire a new receptionist. These customers have full confidence in the firm at the moment. But we suppose based on article that she was favourite among her colleagues, friendly and obviously did a good job.

She became more of an administrator of the office and the business than just a common receptionist. However, this hangs in the balance since the company owner may makes some drastic decisions that may affect the long term growth of the company and thus its VOT maximization Pohlman et al, He could also let Cathy have a say on the kind of employees to be hired and actually involve her in the actual recruitment.

Organizational culture values Organizational culture refers to a concept describing values, beliefs, experiences and attitudes of an organization.

He should also consult her more on a number of issues affecting the firm and give her more decision making roles.More Essay Examples on Employment Rubric. This case presents a number of issues, which if not well addressed, could negatively affect the Value over Time, VOT of the firm - The Well Paid Receptionist Case Analysis introduction.

Harvey Finley desperately needed an employee for his new firm; not just any employee, but one who would have. This case is about an owner discovering that his receptionist is most highly paid the person in his firm.

She was his first employee when he started on a minimal budget. At that time, he did not have enough to pay her the salary she desired so he made her share in the profits of the firm.

The Well Paid Receptionist Executve Summary Analysis of “The Well Paid Receptionist ” Harvey Finley is in quite the predicament. He his company’s net profit should be approximately $, greater than he expected for this year.

The Well Paid Receptionist Case Analysis (Group / Team): Please follow the proceeding suggestions for analyzing your case studies in this class.

All grades for case analysis will be based on the values theory, suggestions made by the instructor, and the directions given in your VDM textbook. You can.

We will write a custom essay sample on The well paid receptionist specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now Realistic Alternatives There are a few ways through which this problem can be addressed, and one of the way includes talking to Ms Brannen and advising her the fact that there was an oversight in the salary she is being.

View Notes - The well paid receptionist from AFM at University of Waterloo. The well paid receptionist Statement of problem - Cathy Brennan Harvey feels that she is getting paid to much%(6).

The well paid receptionist executve summary
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