The relevance of the retraction controversy

Whatever the explanation, the phenomenon appears deserving of further study. Some have suggested that plagiarism is a culturally relative concept, which is less likely to be regarded as an unethical practice by some scientists in non-Western countries or those belonging to the younger generation 922409197 — Science must try to be self-correcting, and retractions provide a critically important function by rectifying the scientific record.

The letter, dated December 29,was said to have been signed by the National Hero himself. The interested reader is referred to an excellent commentary by the editors of the Journal of Cell Biology for an extensive discussion of inappropriate digital-image manipulation Below you can find the state of the section in Wikipedia on the Retraction controversy dated Nov 22, before my first contribution.

It is possible that each of these explanations contributes to the correlation between retraction index and impact factor. Although correction of the scientific record is laudable per se, erroneous or fraudulent research can cause enormous harm, diverting other scientists to unproductive lines of investigation, leading to the unfair distribution of scientific resources, and in the worst cases, even resulting in inappropriate medical treatment of patients 6 Although journals have an important role to play, they do not have primary responsibility for investigating possible scientific misconduct.

If misconduct is suspected, the journal should contact the institution and recommend an inquiry. Correlation between impact factor and retraction index.

Rizal’s retraction: Truth vs Myth

In this regard, the disproportionally high payoff associated with publishing in higher-impact journals could encourage risk-taking behavior by authors in study design, data presentation, data analysis, and interpretation that subsequently leads to the retraction of the work.

The issue will not invalidate his works in any way. Either publishers or authors may initiate a retraction 50 It is not difficult to surmise the underlying causes of research misconduct.

Well, that may be true, but that is human character. Another possibility is that the desire of high-impact journals for clear and definitive reports may encourage authors to manipulate their data to meet this expectation.

Creed, Sacraments, Morality, Prayer and Apostolate. Some journals appear to give authors considerable latitude in wording a retraction notice 23but this is probably inadvisable The corrosive impact of retracted science is disproportionate to the relatively small number of retracted articles.

Despite this, Torres said his perception of the Filipino martyr would not change even if the controversies were true.“The retraction is just one aspect of the life, works, and writings of Rizal.” But then, Torres noted that the controversy is irrelevant today. “The way Rizal is taught in schools today, the retraction means nothing,” he said.

This has prompted us to reflect on the process of manuscript retraction and its importance for science and to add to our essay series commenting on the descriptors and qualifiers of present-day science (13 – 16, 27, 28).

Jun 07,  · Jose Rizal's retraction: the controversy By Dr. Raul Nidoy One of my contributions at Wikipedia, in the article on Jose Rizal, which I. RETRACTION CONTROVERSY For decades, the authenticity of Jose Rizal’s retraction documents have raised issues, skepticism, and heated debates among those who seek to know the truth regarding this controversy.5/5(16).

RETRACTION Essay RETRACTION OF RIZAL Issues Involved He was a great philosopher, thinker and a great advocate of the nation’s freedom and independence form the Spanish colonizers.

And so the alleged retraction scandal came as a shock to his family, close friends, colleagues, followers and those that believe in him.

Retracted Science and the Retraction Index

Our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal was the mind that was behind the destruction of the Spanish Colonization in the Philippines. I was fortunate enough to watch this movie and be able to see one.

The relevance of the retraction controversy
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