Tea writing accommodations for students

These materials will be printed on perforated pages so that students can remove them and use them during the test administration. A phase-in of performance standards is likely to be implemented.

This letter provides implementation information to school districts and charter schools based on current legislation.

Please go to the following link http: Beginning this fall for the — school year, STAAR Alternate will be the only alternate assessment offered for students with significant cognitive disabilities rather than continuing TAKS—Alt only for students in grades 10 and The information below provides updates to current policies and is intended to assist in preparations for the spring STAAR administrations.

For more information, refer to the special education assessments webpage at http: Grade 3 students will no longer record their answers to test items in a scorable test booklet.

At high school, however, grade-specific assessments will be replaced with 12 end-of-course EOC assessments: Student Success Initiative SSI Because performance standards for STAAR grades 3—8 will not be set until after the spring administration, only raw-score information will be reported prior to the end of the school year.

Make-ups are planned for assessments given during all administrations, including summer administrations. Please note that there are no changes to the current TELPAS program and associated policies for the — school year.

If you have questions or need further clarification about this information, please contact the Student Assessment Division.

More information on each of these topics will be communicated when it is available. However, there may be a need for some mandatory sampling for several STAAR EOC assessments in in order to provide adequate data required for legislative studies and to build a sufficient number of test forms to allow for multiple administrations.

It also lists which assessments are offered on paper or online and includes assessment information for English language learners and students receiving special education services.

The only accommodation that will no longer be provided is the proper-nouns lists. In addition, placing time limits on the tests should help minimize local practices that promote the overuse of test-taking strategies by students that do not contribute significantly to how well they perform on the tests but significantly extend the amount of time it takes to complete the tests.

More information regarding dictionary and calculator use as an accommodation will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

All About the STAAR Test

However, for the STAAR program, TEA is expanding these testing policies to include high school students with dyslexia and other similar reading disabilities.

Performance standards for the STAAR grades 3—8 assessments will be set in fallso only raw scores will be reported following the spring administrations. At the high school level, the 4-hour time limit will not preclude campuses from having two testing sessions within a given day.

Most importantly, the TEA will review the 4-hour time limit for STAAR after the first administration in spring to determine if the policy needs to be reconsidered or adjusted for specific grades or subjects.

In addition to the information provided in this letter, there are several other resources available regarding the new STAAR program.

Access Denied

More information about these accommodations as well as others that will be available to students will be provided in the future. The calculator policies for chemistry and physics were previously communicated to districts in a letter dated September 18, STAAR is a more rigorous assessment program that will provide the foundation for a new accountability system for Texas public education.

This plan contains a detailed description of the process the commissioner of education is using to develop and implement the provisions of House Bill 3. If two sessions are desired, early start times can be offered, sessions can overlap, or test sessions can extend beyond the typical school day.

Make-ups are sometimes designated for particular days e. For example, SAT, ACT, and AP examinations are all administered in timed settings so there is concern that high school students are not being adequately prepared for testing expectations in the future.can help professionals pinpoint which type and classification of dysgraphia the student may have.

Once teachers have this information, they can make appropriate accommodations and modifications to help the student during writing activities. The student receives Section services and is identified with dyslexia or a related disorder per TEC § The student receives Section services and has documented evidence of reading difficulties.

The student receives special education services and is. Student Assessment Home | Student Assessment Directory | Contact Student Assessment TEA accessibility policies may apply to any student taking STAAR or TELPAS depending on his or her needs and whether or not the student meets the eligibility criteria, if applicable.

2018 STAAR Accessibility Updates

Note- The student(s) must meet state eligibility to receive accommodations. Please refer to the Supplemental Aid policy on TEA's website. Please refer to the Supplemental Aid policy on TEA's website. This product is intended for one teacher and one classroom use.4/5(54).

9/12/ 1 STAAR Accessibility Updates September 12, TETN Event # Student Assessment Division - Texas Education Agency Kim Brannan Jose Rios, Araceli Gaona, Catherine Stapleton. Although students with dyslexia will have different needs, there are some accommodations which are commonly found to be helpful for students with dyslexia.

Reading Accommodations Provide books on tape, CDs, or on an electronic reader or textbook that a child can listen to especially for content areas.

Tea writing accommodations for students
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