Pangea simulation game

A diagram showing the major processes of plate tectonics. Two hundred and fifty million years ago the landmasses of Earth were clustered into one supercontinent dubbed Pangea.

The three types of plate tectonic boundaries include divergent, convergent, and transform plate boundaries. Africa is likely to continue its Pangea simulation game migration, pinching the Mediterranean closed and driving up a Himalayan-scale mountain range in southern Europe.

Antarctica is expected to shift upwards, colliding with Madagascar and Australia, enclosing a remnant of the Indian Ocean called the Indo-Atlantic Oceanand creating a supercontient named Terra Orientalis. Planets orbit the main star, smaller planets may become moons of larger ones, and on some worlds life could even develop.

Identify and use multiple valid and reliable sources of data. The possible appearance of the Earth 50 million years from now. Moreover, even within your company, several different types of supply chains may be called for; having a complete understanding of a wide range of strategies is just as important.

This accounts for most of the force that moves the plates around, Scotese said. Part two of this series, SCM These chaps certainly have inventive imaginations! Supply Chain Strategies II: North America is predicted to have already collided with Africa, but be in a more southerly position than where it drifted.

South America is predicted to be wrapped around the southern tip of Africa, completely enclosing the Indo-Atlantic Ocean.

Build Your World with Continental Drift (Video)

Supply Chain Strategies I: Learn about the Bullwhip Effect by playing a version of the well known "Beer Game" simulation, understand the causes of the Bullwhip Effect and their solutions.

We developed the "Solar System Builder" interactive that allows users to create an elaborate universe complete with a variety of planets with customizable masses, trajectories, and atmospheres.

Meanwhile the Atlantic Ocean will probably widen for a spell before it reverses course and later disappears.

Panthea [v 24]

The Earth rotates around a huge ball of gas in outer space? Africa has collided with Europe, closing off the Mediterranean Sea. If you craft your universe carefully, everything will work in harmony.

About the Author The first of two modules covering Supply Chain Strategies; learn the differences between efficient and responsive supply chains and the correct strategies to use based on your product type and location in the product life cycle.

Students are able to: You will play a version of the classic "Beer Game" simulation used by business schools and executive training programs. Human timeline and Nature timeline According to the Pangaea Ultima hypothesis, the Atlantic and Indian Oceans will continue to get wider until new subduction zones bring the continents back together, forming a future Pangaea.

Meanwhile, Southern and Baja California are predicted to have already collided with Alaska with new mountain ranges formed between them.

The ongoing impact of the "Solar System Builder" is reflected by its long-term popularity within the marketing and Flash community. Through the simulation you will see firsthand the causes of the Bullwhip Effect, which leads to major supply chain inefficiencies, including unpredictable lead times, stockouts, mistrust between supply chain partners, and higher manufacturing and transportation costs.The heat from inside the Earth causes the material of the mantle to permanently rise up along the ocean ridges, resulting in the formation of a dense basaltic crust which slowly rolls away from the ridge, much like a rug being rolled up.

Plate Tectonics

The continents, which are made of an insubmersible lightweight crust, passively drift with the movement of the. learning and practising supply chain management strategies from a business simulation game: a comprehensive supply chain simulation li zhou ying xie.

Game - Panthea [v ]. Leave2gether. In this game you can customize your heroine and start your working at the Pump Sales company. Go through all days and do some naughty things that are available here.

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Plate Tectonics Simulation Contributor PhET Interactive Simulation; University of Colorado, Boulder Type Category Instructional Materials Assessment Materials Types Simulation, Interactive Simulation Note. Travel Through Deep Time With This Interactive Earth Explore key moments in Earth’s transformative history as continents drift and climate fluctuates over billion years.

Pangaea Ultima (also called Pangaea Proxima, Neopangaea, and Pangaea II) is a possible future supercontinent configuration. Consistent with the supercontinent cycle, Pangaea Ultima could occur within the next million years.

Pangea simulation game
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