Nc joint underwriting association insurance

We agreed that such an allegation indicated aggravated conduct, and also referred to such action as a violation of N. At the time of the loss involved herein, the brother was deceased, leaving Georgia as his sole heir.

Substantial aggravating circumstances attendant to the breach must be shown.

North Carolina Joint Underwriting Association

There is some indication in the record that the brother died testate, but there is no will as an exhibit. Again, the jury answered in the affirmative. Although defendant settled many other claims for damage arising from Hurricane Emily, plaintiffs contend the only two commercial claims were their claim and the Islander claim.

Pollock, Raleigh, for defendant-appellant. The issues of unfair or deceptive trade practices based on a violation of N. A mere breach of contract, even if intentional, is not sufficiently unfair or deceptive to sustain an action under N.

North Carolina Joint Underwriting Association

No error in part, but reversed in part. Branch Banking and Trust Co. Consequently, this assignment of error is overruled. Gray, was entitled to proceeds under the insurance policy issued by defendant.

Assuming, without deciding, that there was sufficient evidence in this case of a violation of N. As a matter of law, a violation of N. When plaintiffs purchased the Motel from the brother, a note was given for the purchase price. Defendant hired a second adjuster to investigate the loss.

Gray held a note and deed of trust on the Motel property and that plaintiffs were required, by the terms of that deed of trust, to obtain insurance on the Motel property for the benefit of Georgia B.


As in the case sub judice, the Islander property was insured by defendant, initially adjusted by Crittenden, and later by Cutler. Defendant contends there is insufficient evidence to show it violated the provisions of N.

In the case sub judice, plaintiffs contend defendant violated the following sections of N.North Carolina Joint Underwriting Association (NCJUA) and North Carolina Insurance Underwriting Association (NCIUA) are associations which, as agents for their member companies, function like an Employees: Robert Eades.

Director of Claims Operation at NC Joint Underwriting Association- NC insurance Underwriting Association. Location Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina AreaIndustry: Insurance. North Carolina Joint Underwriting Association, Cary, North Carolina.

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Nc joint underwriting association insurance
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