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To the people looking for anti-war messages, there are there. We Were Soldiers is very different from other Vietnam movies because does not address the political aspects of the war. While the film shows Vietnamese - and some US troops - engulfed in swirling flame, the word napalm is never mentioned.

So the hell of Ia Drang was exploited to justify a strategy that prolonged the war for years, cost huge numbers of lives - mostly Vietnamese, but American as well - and wrecked much of the Vietnamese countryside. It seems however that the movie was simplified f or dramatic effects. The soldiers are enclosed by 2, North Vietnamese soldiers that are hiding in tunnel warren mountainside.

Moore is unrelenting in his commitment to victory in the war in Vietnam. Colonel Moore, a true hero, promises his men that although many will die, none will be left behind. The correct account is that there was no heroic final charge in the book nor were the Vietnam reserves destroyed although a good number were killed.

A fantastic leader who commands the ultimate respect of his soldiers, Moore is maniacal in his commitment to war and believes that he will prove victorious. General William Westmoreland, at that time commander of US forces in Vietnam, regarded Ia Drang as a great success and a vindication of the US military presence in the country.

The aim of this paper is to review the We Were Soldiers film.

Setting examples for others to follow involves practicing what one preaches and earns a leader respect and loyalty. The film takes the odd step of treating soldiers with dignity thus making them appear human with honor and ability and with wives left at home to mourn over them.

In this battle, America has soldiers, these few are going up against The film provides important helpful context. The film also fails to explain just what was going on in the Central Highlands in the autumn of It is, of course, a form of chemical warfare.

The film depicts all soldiers to be mindful, obeys all orders and never pulling back, but the truth is that there were many coward soldiers that never followed orders. Because of perceived danger to their lives, values or relationships, supervisors may abandon the ship, so to speak, and fail to lead by example.

It is mostly through this technique that Moore and his unit emerges victorious. It is a movie that depicts the men put their lives on the line of duty not just for their country but for each other. He adds that dead or alive, he will not leave anyone behind.

During battle, Moore also leads by example numerous times in the battlefield through his acts of heroism and his refusal to give up.

Moore ensures that he earns the respect of his troops, a vital factor in the effectiveness of any team. The close-up battles especially napalm victim images are not for the fainthearted.Movie Review: We Were Soldiers We all like to take a time out and sit down with our loved ones, and watch a heart touching movie every once in a while.

What we don't do is actually take time to really focus and understand completely what the point of the movie is or what it is trying to get across to the audience.

Custom We Were Soldiers Essay We Were Soldiers is a war film produced in The film dramatizes the pro-Vietnam era, Battle of la Drang, offering a non-political take with a true story of the war’s battle in Analysis of We Were Soldiers Once and YOung: Ia Drang The Battle that Changed the War in Vietnam - ” Dallaire dedicates this book to four different groups of people: 1.Rwandans who died 2.

The fourteen soldiers who died under his command and their families 3.

We Were Soldiers

Sian Cansfield his shadow author and, 4. Movie Review: We Were Soldiers Once Angela Lewis Student ID# Mountain State University, GIDS Dr. Kenneth Miller There is a plethora of exemplary leadership examples depicted in the movie entitled We Were Soldiers Once.

Custom We Were Soldiers Essay

Mel Gibson was brilliant in his leading role as Lt. Colonel Hal Moore who led his brigade into battle in Vietnam. Essay on We Were Soldiers Once-- and Young Words | 4 Pages.

We Were Soldiers Once and Young We Were Soldiers Once and Young is a history book written by LT. GEN.

Harold G. Moore (RET.) and Joseph L. Galloway.

The history book is based on the Vietnam War, which took place in The movie is told by a soldier that was there, hence the title, "We Were Soldiers." If I had to compare the movie to another film in its category, there would be no comparison as to the excellence of this picture.4/4(1).

Movie anylisis of we were soldiers essay
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