Legalizing marijuana pros and cons

That would be through the black market. Colorado has been paying down its debts and is even allocating portions of the tax proceeds from legalized marijuana towards improving the educational system.

Most states make it illegal to smoke or vaporize cannabis in public spaces. Canada is to fully legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational use thanks to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.

The primary reason for this is because children, in general, do not exhibit the same responsibility, reasoning and judgment of adults, and their bodies are not as equipped to handle the intake of such substances. Many people often state the fact that using weed is only as harmful as using tobacco or consumption of alcohol, which are both legal.

Marijuana does not lead to harder drugs. Suddenly they are arrested, jailed and treated like criminals solely because of Legalizing marijuana pros and cons recreational drug of choice.

Marijuana legalization pros/cons

Sinceapproximately 17 million Americans have been arrested on marijuana charges, a greater number than the entire populations of Alaska, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming combined. PsycholoGenie Staff Last Updated: If marijuana is legalized, the marijuana producers will be under the eye of the law, and what they grow will be solely marijuana plants.

This story may seem farfetched, but it is all too real for some. Despite these legalization measures it still remains illegal on a federal level. Economy This ties in with the tax benefits. Legalization of Legalizing marijuana pros and cons drug will bring in marketing by corporations, and according to some estimates, this will increase consumption by almost three times the current rate.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently rolled back an Obama-era policy of not interfering with cannabis businesses in states who have legalized the drug, despite campaign assurances by President Trump that he would allow states to continue operating as they have been.

Weed legalization in California, one of those states that can benefit largely revenue wise if the crop is legalized, has been debated for a while now. While the preposition was rejected by voters when the referendum was put up for vote inbackers are suggesting another campaign in People still drank, but instead of the revenue being taxed and going into the government, it went into the hands of people like Al Capone.

In many states, including Massachusetts, California and New Jersey, it is legal to use medical marijuana under certain guidelines. With legalization, these costs would be cut down drastically. Almost thirteen states in the US allow use of marijuana for medical purposes.

With legalization of marijuana come several advantages and disadvantages. In men, not only can it reduce the levels of testosterone but it can also have an impact on sperm count.

More thanarrests in weed related cases are for possession and legalization would mean easing the pressure on the criminal justice system. Also it is not a good idea for it to come across to the world in general that law enforcement agencies in the country are supportive of drug use.

List of Cons of Legalizing Weed 1. Pros of Legalizing Weed Of the many pros and cons that are put forward by both sides, one of the most stated pros of legalizing cannabis is the revenue that this crop creates and the money that would be saved on enforcement.

Despite the fact that more studies are being conducted as to the efficacy of marijuana in treating a number of ailments — including cancer — there are those that still cling to the perceived downfalls.

While tobacco and cigarettes have a nasty reputation for pumping carcinogens into the lungs, marijuana is estimated to have levels of carcinogens that are almost double of that from tobacco smoke.

Taken together, the total number of marijuana arrests for far exceeded the combined number of arrests for violent crimes, including murder, manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

The American Association for Cancer Research has found that marijuana can help reduce the rate at which a cancerous tumor grows. They are part of what makes life worth living. Even smoking weed at home will allow the drug to make its way to others, especially if it is a multi-level apartment complex.

Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana The debate regarding whether or not marijuana should be legalized has gone up a notch with Washington and Colorado legalizing recreational use of the drug.The debate surrounding the legalization of marijuana has both sides quoting legalizing weed pros and cons.

In this article, we take a look at what the points put forward by both sides are and how it affects weed legalization the country.

The pros and cons of drug legalization in the U.S. an oral spray derived from the active chemicals in marijuana, has already been approved in Canada, New Zealand, and several European counties. Marijuana Legalization: Pros and Cons drugrehab Legalizing Marijuana, Marijuana Addiction On the 6th of November, Colorado, Washington and Oregon decide whether to pass measures to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

We explore the pros, cons and facts in relation to legalizing weed.

Legalizing Weed Pros and Cons

Express your views about the legalization of Cannabis. Free balanced, two-sided discussion of controversial social and policital issues (pros and cons) - Legalization of Marijuana (Pros & Cons, Arguments For and Against, Advantages & Disadvantages).

The Cons of Legalizing Marijuana Increase in Consumption One of the greatest worries that comes with the legalization of marijuana is the possibility that the consumption of the drug will increase drastically.

Legalizing marijuana pros and cons
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