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Geoffrey believes hard work is the way to get what you want out of life. Although none of his subsequent novels attracted the same attention as Billy Liar, Waterhouse continued to turn out wry, vigorous fiction, including Maggie Mugginsabout a woman touring old flats to collect her post when disappointment was setting in for the children of the "Swinging Sixties".

Billy liar-english Essay

Both unions ended in divorce. Teenagers were given more freedom and started to own their own houses. Billy and Geoffrey argue about many topics.

He is a rebellious, lazy teen, who fantasises a lot and makes things up. These were usually rejected. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. He had left 10, words of the manuscript in a taxi, forcing him to start again: The teenagers would simply reflect the fashion and music that their parents liked.

Keith Waterhouse

Billy does what he wants and listens to no one. The lies are so far fetched that it is still entertaining and, although we no longer use some of the swear words, we still understand what the characters mean by them.

Also, this play highlights the arguments between parents and their children. Billy is lazy, unappreciative, non-committed and selfish. For the first time, it was them who had to support the family as many adults were killed during the war.

He would then enjoy an expensive champagne lunch an event of such importance that he wrote a book on the subject. The writers have used swearing as a dramatic and linguistic technique: There was no such thing as teenage fashion or teenage music.

He is hard working he owns a garage and does the best he can with his poor education to provide for his family: The youngest son of a cleaner and an alcoholic door-to-door vegetable salesman, Keith remembered being taken, at the age of four, to a wholesale market which could have been described by Dickens.

This all leads up to a generation gap, between Billy Fisher and his father, Geoffrey Fisher.

In one of his secretaries, referred to in his columns as his "flame-haired factotum", gave an interview in which she claimed: It was one of the first plays that young people could relate to and feel part of.

Keeping the events in the same place, keeps the atmosphere constant and the audience will feel more involved because it is as if we are actually sat in the house watching everything happen. Teenagers were expected to be seen and not heard, they would do exactly what an elder told them without question.

He began with a long perusal of the national papers before setting to work on an old Adler typewriter to the accompaniment of Radio 3. Geoffrey, on the other hand, is hard working, respectful and truthful.

He just wants to stay out late and have fun, whereas Geoffrey puts work first. He is trying to rebel and have his own opinions. He then found a job with an undertaker, using his lunch hours to bash out on the office typewriter articles describing his perambulations through Leeds.

He is very ungrateful for what his parents gave up for him to go to the school: The other device which makes the play livelier is the pace as everything happens on one day in one household.In the drama script Billy Liar by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall, the decision to unfold the narrative structure around the idea of dreams is inspired because it allows us to really get in the head of chief protagonist Billy Fisher and how he thinks.

Free Essays; Essay about Billy Liar; Essay about Billy Liar. Words 5 Pages. Billy Liar The play 'Billy Liar' was first produced in London on 13th September Originally a novel, it was adapted by Willis Hall and Keith Waterhouse for performance. Keith Waterhouse, who died on September 4 aged 80, was a novelist and newspaper columnist, but above all a playwright whose collaboration with Willis Hall was one of the most enduring and.

In this film, based upon a screenplay by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall from a novel from Waterhouse (which written in influenced by the prevailing theme of the s – the protest of the angry young men), director John Schlesinger creates the fantasized world of Billy Fisher (Tom Courtenay), a young man working at the Shadrack and.

Billy Liar Essay - Billy Liar The play 'Billy Liar' was first produced in London on 13th September Originally a novel, it was adapted by Willis Hall and Keith Waterhouse.

Art Essay / Essays / Billy liar-english. Sep 26, in Essays. 0. ‘Billy Liar’ by Willis Hall and Keith Waterhouse was written in It was adapted from the novel written by Keith Waterhouse. The play ‘Billy Liar’ is set in the ’s, a bleak, drab decade.

Keith waterhouse and willis hall essay
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