How have jenny craig and weight watchers created value

Three recognized diet aid behemoths, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Slim-Fast, share a substantial piece of the pie. Philosophy Both Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig seek to assist dieters with healthy weight loss through cutting calories.

She is a support worker in the neonatal intensive care and antepartum units of her local hospital and recently became a certified group fitness instructor. Effort Dieters have to expend effort on either plan. Although members can follow the Weight Watchers regimen without support, the company notes that the most successful members are those who weigh in at weekly group sessions and attend meetings.

Each program competes heavily for members, particularly in the early months of the year, when Americans return to the scales after indulging over the holidays. Members eat meals and snacks prepared and packaged by Jenny Craig, supplemented by fresh fruits and vegetables. Theoretically this approach is more honest than keeping a food diary, because dieters may be tempted not to record full amounts.

Members meet weekly on a one-on-one basis with a personal counselor and are encouraged to develop an exercise program. To further entice men to its program, Jenny Craig uses Jason Alexander, the actor who played George Costanza on the television series Seinfeld, as a spokesperson.

Slim-Fast combines both ease and education, but it provides fewer choices for controlled meals than Jenny Craig does. Exercise is limited to clicking a mouse or turning an ignition key.

Weight Watchers gives you the option of paying for unlimited monthly meetings or paying per meeting for only the meetings you attend. Using a camera-equipped cell phone, for example, dieters can photograph a meal and send the picture to a registered dietitian, who replies with recommendations for modifying portions or food choices.

Jenny Craig requires an initial registration fee, followed by weekly payments for prepackaged food. With Jenny Craig, dieters who will do best are those who want to lose weight without making special foods or counting calories. In a Weight Watchers plan, a good deal of effort goes toward calculating points and making sure that you constantly are under your daily allowance.

With Weight Watchers, the target dieter is someone who needs a more moderately priced way to lose weight, paired with the comfort and support of a large group to stay motivated. Weight Watchers members can prepare their own food, dine out, or purchase Weight Watchers— prepared or —endorsed dinners, snacks, and desserts at most grocery stores.

A one-on-one counselor provides support for someone who needs a more personalized plan. Recently rated the top weight loss program by Consumer Reports Health, Jenny Craig promises a unique and comprehensive plan for food, body, and mind.

To further support dieters in making healthy food choices, Weight Watchers recently changed its point system, increasing the number of points for fat content and reducing them for fiber. The program teaches portion control and the basics of good nutrition, allowing members to select their own foods.A review of 45 studies in the Annals of Internal Medicine comparing commercial weight-loss programs (including Jenny Craig, Weight-Watchers, Nutrisystem and Medifast) found that Jenny Craig.

Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or Isagenix? You decide what is the best value for your health. I recently read an article in Business Week (Dec. 21, pg 72) about Weight Watchers and the changes they are making to the program.

Weight Watchers is the most popular weight loss program on the market and with 69% of the people in America being overweight they have. weight watchers vs jenny craig 1.

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Steps in the Consumer Decision Process/27/ 3. Weight Watchers offers a points system, giving each member an allotted amount of points per day based on the dieter's weight, and assigning each food a points value according to the fat, calories and fiber content of each food. Food Choices. Each plan offers a variety of food choices to keep dieters on track and satisfied.

Jenny Craig has prepackaged. how have Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Slim-Fast created value? Your book defines value to mean the relationship of benefits to cost (page 12 and 14). Please make sure that you address the key benefits and costs associated with each program.

How have Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig created value? Both companies have used personal testimonies, statistics about results, celebrity endorsement, price promotions, plus many other tactics to create value.

Identify the determinant attributes that set the Weight Watchers' and Jenny Craig's programs apart from each other.

How have jenny craig and weight watchers created value
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