Explain why fossil fuel exploration could

Many consequences are far removed from our daily lives and may only affect a minority or marginalized subset of the population. International environmental organisations could fulfil an essential role by ensuring that fossil fuel extraction takes place according to best practises and ideally avoids areas of high biodiversity.

Many renewable technologies are very scalable. Surface mining, which is only effective for shallow deposits, often employs highly invasive techniques, including area strip mining and mountaintop removal. It is vital that these assessments are made to ensure the safety of birds and bats, as with any development project AGREE 5: To further refine the oil, more machinery is needed.

Nathalie Butt Critical areas In our research we compared areas of biodiversity and reserves of fossil fuel. The process results in both short- and long-term environmental impacts.

Methane losses must be kept below 3. By almost all of global energy needs can be met with renewable energy share: The earliest known fossil fuel deposits are from about million years ago, when most of the major groups of animals first appeared on Earth.

Many have already taken advantage of the benefits of renewable energy and recognised the long-term benefits. Storing renewable energy more effectively and inexpensive energy from wind or solar could become much more viable than they are currently.

The Hidden Costs of Fossil Fuels

Seven solar plants or four wind farms would be needed to produce the same amount of electricity over time as a similar-sized coal-fired plant. Renewable energy—such as wind and solar power—carries far fewer negative impacts at increasingly competitive prices.

The predicted rate of warming for the next century is at least 20 times faster. The presence of toxic heavy metals in drinking water has been found to cause cancer, birth defects, reproductive disorders, neurological damage, learning disabilities, and kidney disease [ 52 ]. Arable land per person, as population continues to rise.

Intelligent technologies can track and manage energy use patterns, provide flexible power that follows demand through the day, use better storage options and group producers together to form virtual power plants. Shutterstock There are two main methods for removing fossil fuels from the ground: Moreover, fossil fuels are necessary for the production of a variety of common products, such as paints, detergents, polymers including plasticscosmetics and some medicines.

Unfortunately, people working on renewable energy technologies tend not to throw critical light on the difficulties and limits. With all these solutions we can secure the renewable energy future needed.

Wikimedia A number of studies have sought to quantify the health costs associated with fossil fuel-related air pollution. Sulfur dioxide SO2 emissions, primarily the result of burning coal, contribute to acid rain and the formation of harmful particulate matter.

There is a strong case that this assumption is seriously mistaken. Externalities are sometimes easy to see, such as pollution and land degradation, and sometimes less obvious, such as the costs of asthma and cancer, or the impacts of sea level rise.

Why Solar Powered Energy Is Better Than Fossil Fuels

Flaring the gas converts it from methane to carbon dioxide, which reduces its impact but still releases additional greenhouse gases to into the atmosphere. This creates a need for energy storage which is currently not efficient enough to be cost effective or needs traditional fossil fuels or nuclear power to supplement.

The use of fossil fuels in transportation contributes almost 30 percent of all US global warming emissions, rivalling—and likely to surpass—the power sector [ 36 ]. Wikimedia Some of the most significant hidden costs of fossil fuels are from the air emissions that occur when they are burned.

And all that extra solar and wind capacity is expensive. Extraction companies often temporarily store this water in open-air pits with impermeable liners to avoid seepage, but heavy rain can cause these pits to overflow. Mining and drilling have often been seen as having limited environmental impacts.

Why solar powered energy is rising above fossil fuels. Many oil companies are involved in the development of more reliable renewable energy technologies.

The majority of the population is dependent on kerosene or charcoal for their energy and light, both of which are expensive and environmentally damaging. In the short term, huge volumes of excess rock and soil are typically dumped into adjacent valleys and streams, altering their ecosystems and diverting the natural flow of streams.The major source of energy comes from fossil fuels, and the dominant fossil fuels used today by most industrialized and developing countries are oil, coal, and natural gas.

Among these fossil fuels, oil is the most consumed for energy conversion, followed by coal, then natural gas. Yergin like others cites the compelling evidence that the MSM won’t show you; these anti-fossil fuel theorists cite alkanes, kerogens and many other petroleum related chemicals that have been found on meteorites – which we know can support no organic life and thus proving the lie of the fossil fuel theory.

Home / Features / Debates / The energy debate: Renewable energy cannot replace fossil fuels. April 12, The energy debate: Renewable energy cannot replace fossil fuels.

By Toni Pyke for fossil fuel exploration and extraction over nine years. Are Fossil Fuels Our Friend? Fossil fuel has been around for millions of years. They have been used for powering countless things such as our household, businesses, manufacturing, and our cars to name a few.

This is the fossil fuel concept; the organic matter that is the origin of the oil and gas originates from fossils. But these are not dinosaurs or anything like that, they are microscopic algae (of marine origin, leading to oil generation) or land plant matter (leaves, cuticle, spores etc), derived from land plants.

But the impacts of fossil fuels start long before their carbon dioxide reaches the atmosphere. Our new research, published today in Science, looks at the effects of coal, oil and gas extraction on biodiversity.

Explain why fossil fuel exploration could
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