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Like the family includes the grandparents, their children and their grandchildren. His decision is always taken into consideration. He is regarded as the Head of the family and occupies the supreme position in the matters of family.

Essay on Joint Family in Hindi – संयुक्त परिवार: अर्थ, लाभ और नुकसान

The separation of families was evident in the joint families themselves. Comparative Essay on Joint Family Vs. The family might have separated due to urbanization, search for proper education and job, to get all the necessary facilities etc.

The parents do not have to worry about their children when they go to work because the grandparents are there to take care of them. Does joint family still exist? It holds it as a rule of creation that all men are not equal. The cost of education has gone up high.

It is not favourable to large accumulation of capital. In every known human society, however the family is elaborated into a cultural organization, that it is surrounded by rules and rituals. No type of family is self-reliant that way today. His commands are normally obeyed by others.

But they can hardly depend on themselves today. It is the source of quarrel in the family. There is no partition of property. Disadvantages of the joint family There are different types of the disadvantages of the joint family, which is following such as: The Hindu joint family derives its strength from religion.

Even if a daughter of a junior brother is selected by someone because of her beauty or brilliance, he would not agree to her marriage until her senior cousin sister is married.

It is found to be associated with higher rate of production. Some may have a high income while some may earn less. They do not have much freedom. There is social security in a joint family. In a joint family, the wealth is distributed equally among all the members.

When everyone knows, that as members of a joint family, he will be supported by others, he may not try to earn his livelihood. The joint family system is the most important features of our social system. There was a time when the joint family was mostly self-sufficient.

But since all of them live together, there is no necessity for partitioning the ancestral property.

Importance of Joint Family

The patriarchal joint family is father-centred and the matriarchal joint family is mother-dominated. Naturally it imposes a kind of unwritten discipline that those who are more able economically shall share some of the burden of those who are not. The children get to study and play together. This will bring down the burden from the parents.The joint family system is the most important features of our social system.

Here in India, the family does not consist of the husband, wife and children only. On the other hand parents, grandparents, uncles, their sons and daughters, sons and daughters, all.

The joint family system under the Hindu Law is a patriarchal organization. The head of the joint family is known as Karta (Manager); and the senior-most male member of the family will be the Karta. As a head or manager, he is the representative of the family, and acts for, or, on behalf of the [ ].

I shared her views on the joint family system. I had had first hand experience of living in a joint family. I could write a thesis on the su. A joint family (also undivided family, joint household, extended family system) is a large undivided family where more than one generation live together in a common house.

A joint family is a form of family where the grand-parents, father, mother, and children live unitedly under one roof. नमस्कार, आप सब का HindiVidya पर बहुत-बहुत स्वागत है. इस article में आप पढेंगे, संयुक्त परिवार: अर्थ, लाभ और नुकसान.

संयुक्त परिवार: अर्थ, लाभ और नुकसानContents1 संयुक्त. Free Essay: Advantages and disadvantages of living in a joint family A joint family was a phenomena found only in India of the bygone days.

This really meant.

Essay about joint family
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