Effects of changes in australian migration policy history essay

Thay will have to be unemployed o or on government help and that would mean loos in economy. This is because the people from the host country know that immigrants really need their jobs in order to survive so they make them work harder while giving them lower paycheck.

Both will have there advantage and disadvantage. This could contribute largely to the economy as specific people might go to workers that speak a specific language.

Two main factors immigrations contributes to is the cultural side of things and the economic side of things. And as people move to other places, they bring new ideas, cultures, lifestyles as well as troubles to their destination.

Many migrants can have trouble finding job; because of things such as no experience, bad speaking skills and no Australian tertiary education. For instance, a lot of Indonesian upper class own properties in Singapore and Australia and move there when they retire because it is safer there and they also got better healthcare system.

Migration Effects

More Essay Examples on USA Rubric The first and foremost reason people leave their families and friends behind and move to the other countries is because of the jobs and opportunities.

Another example is during the Syrian revolution, a lot of people immigrate to neighborhood countries to escape from the civil war. These problems, depending on how the government deals with it, can force people to move out from their country in order to escape from the conflict.

Sometimes countries got into political problems that might endanger the citizen of that country, such as a coup, conflicts with other country or war.

For instance, Anggun, an Indonesian singer, moved to France because the people in Indonesia did not appreciate her work. In addition, there are also people that emigrate from opposite country due to the lack of support from the people of their country. One example is in the United States, almost every big city have a Chinatown as the results of an abundance of Chinese people who migrate here and stay in one neighborhood.

As a result, people end up doing the work they are not trained for. This happen because people feel the services in their country is not good enough and wants to have access to better services. Some of the benefits are the increase in available workforce, enrichment in cultural diversity, and a boost in tax income; whereas the disadvantages of migration are exploitation of migrants, overpopulation, and lower quality of services.

The increase in population may also lead to overpopulation, and in the end will lower the quality of public services because the number of people using them increases which might lead to unavailability of public services to some people. As the results of migration, countries might gain benefits from it but it can also bring some troubles, especially for the host country.

But the availability of immigrant workers can also lead to exploitation, such as lower wages and harsher working environment.The Causes and Effects of Migration Migration has always been a part of the history of humankind - Causes and Effects on migration introduction.

Thousands of years ago, the first group of people in Africa started to migrate around the world.

Causes and Effects on migration

Australia’s Policy on Illegal Migrants Australian immigration has a long history, which began over 50, years ago when the ancestors of Australian Aborigines arrived via Indonesia and New Guinea. Britain colonized the country inbefore that, Europeans began landing the continent in.

Migration Effects Immigration has its upsides and downsides. Two main factors immigrations contributes to is the cultural side of things and the economic side of /5(1). This essay will explain the economic, environmental and social impact of immigration on Australia and its role in the future prospects of the country.

Studying the country for the group report and presentation we came across how important are the skilled immigrants as an addition to the labour force of Australia. policy in Australia. Essay: Australian immigration policy Annotations (Overview) The student provides explanation of changes in the patterns of migration to Australia and of Australia’s immigration policies.

They use historical terms and concepts, for example. Essay on Australian Multiculturalism and Immigration. In the context of Australian political history however, ‘Multiculturalism’ can be viewed as a national ideology- a policy and framework that has guided and strengthened the cultural development of a unique Island Nation.

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Effects of changes in australian migration policy history essay
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