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As per the Central Government despite a multi-pronged approach to improving income and social security of farmers, over 12, suicides were reported in the agricultural sector every … September 2, Filed under: Centrally Sponsored Schemes … October 2, Filed under: Punctuality, passenger safety, infrastructure, quality of food, and even the business model of Indian Railways is questioned.

UPI is believed to revolutionize the way Indians do banking. Why should a country need a monetary policy? Current Affairs NotesEconomics Notes As per the current education system in India, all the students up till Class 8 will automatically be promoted to next class.

Though MSMEs are small investment enterprises, but their contribution to the Indian economy is very significant.

The trend toward a gig economy has begun.

Economics Notes Which You Shouldn’t Miss!

Background … July 31, Filed Economics notes India has only 7 taxpayers for … February 1, Filed under: What is a Gig? First of all, what … April 12, Filed under: This clearly points out the need … January 4, Filed under: From where do you purchase foodgrains?

But should Air India be disinvested? In the extreme cases, it may hamper the relationship between the different states. The Economic Survey has relied upon analysis of the new data to highlight ten new economic facts, which is discussed below.

Economic Survey is … January 12, Filed under: Executive Government needs the approval …. In this article let us try to understand the concept of Universal Basic Income, why it is needed, what are the challenges in its implementation and other related issues.

Energy efficiency increases productivity, and significantly reduce Green House Gas emissions, solid waste production and thermal pollution. No one can be failed as per the Right to Education Act.

Current Affairs NotesEconomics Notes When the borrower stops paying interest or principal on a loan, the lender will lose money. In this article, let us analyse some … September 8, Filed under: A gig is a temporary contract job.

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What is currency in circulation? The reason being the launch of a hydrocarbon project. It is the total value of currency coins and … November 10, Filed under: It is usually presented a day before the Union Budget is presented in the Parliament.

In SeptemberPrime Minister Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe laid the foundation stone of the ambitious bullet train project — connecting Mumbai with Ahmadabad.

This is necessary for sustainable development. Economics Notes We all need foodgrains for consumption. There are Economics notes for and against adopting bullet trains in India.

In this post, we try to explain the difference between full budget and vote on account. Over the years we have improved our agricultural production which has been a boon. It is a destination-based taxation system. This step makes these notes invalid from today.

From December to Octoberit has submitted five reports. It denotes a short-term contract or a freelance work as opposed to a permanent … September 4, Filed under: There are interesting facts and statistics that can give you valuable insights about the potential of India.This post is a compilation of our most viewed notes on Economics, which we think our readers should not miss.

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Learn Economics: Must Read. The tutor2u Economics Channel features a wide variety of topic study notes designed to support A Level, Pre-U and IB Economics students around the world. 1.

Economics Notes

Introduction to Economics Lecture Notes 1. Economics Defined - Economics is the study of the allocation of SCARCE resources to meet unlimited human wants. Algebra I: + FREE practice questions Over practice questions to further help you brush up on Algebra I.

Practice now! The prefix macro means large, indicating that macroeconomics is concerned with the study of the market system on a large scale.


Macroeconomics considers the agg. The following is a list of the most cited articles based on citations published in the last three years, according to CrossRef.

Economics notes
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