Driving age limit pros and cons

Driving age debate: what should be the minimum age requirement?

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Lowering the Driving Age?

Tweet on Twitter Should the driving age be raised to 18 from the age of 16 that it currently is in many jurisdictions? It stops unhealthy multitasking habits. No, sorry this is a mistake. Drivers years old are almost twice as likely to be in an accident as year old drivers.

Getting Where They Need to Be Many teens are busy with extracurricular activities, jobs, volunteer work and socializing. Because they have only been driving for a short time, teen drivers could be faced with challenging or dangerous situations on a daily basis that they may not know how to respond to safely.

You will not receive any promotional materials from third parties. Comment We discuss if driving age should be increased in countries like the United States or maybe reduced in the areas with currently higher age requirements.

Vote to see result and collect 1 XP. Another question in the driving age debate is looking at the other extreme of the population, and ask if there should be a maximum age for elderly people.

Full Answer The debate over raising or lowering the legal driving age centers mostly around the safety of teen drivers, their passengers and others on the road around them. Too often, these restrictions are ignored with deadly consequences.

Health and Development Health concerns factor into driving age debates. Some states also have a curfew where teens under 18 cannot be out past a certain time of night, usually midnight.

Already have an account on netivist? Safety experts and politicians have proposed raising the driving age to No matter the driving age, inexperience always leads to some accidents. However, emotional maturity increases with age and experience.

Every parent must decide when their teen is ready to begin driving — sometimes this is earlier, and for some that comes later.

Pros and Cons of Raising the Driving Age to 18

Lack of Experience For young drivers, one of the greatest dangers facing them on the road is their lack of experience. An year-old who is a new driver has just as little experience behind the wheel as a year-old new driver.

For every mile driven, teen drivers are three times more likely to be in a fatal accident. Another argument in favor of public health is that teenagers with a car have more sedentary behaviors, which can increase obesity.

The Cons of Raising the Driving Age 1. Cons of Driving at 16 The reasons for allowing teens to drive primarily concern convenience. Driving age debate In the countries where the driving age is very low like the United States there is a debate about if it would be better to rise the limit to Join us Or sign in with your favourite Social Network: While many states require drivers to be 16 or 17, some states allow or year-olds to drive alone.

With more than one-third of teenagers classified as overweight or obese, eliminating an opportunity for exercise is a negative. As these drivers gain experience, the restrictions slowly start to lift, eventually allowing a more experienced driver to obtain their full license.

Order by Be the first to comment. Safety Keeping teens safe is the primary argument for raising the driving age. Create your account for free. Vote and tell us how you come to that conclusion.

The last part of the brain to fully develop is the part that controls decision making and impulse control.

Pros & Cons of Changing the Driving Age to 18

The majority of states require drivers to be 16 or 16 and a half. States like New Jersey require drivers to be 17, while drivers in Montana or Idaho need only be Your vote is anonymous. Your account might be penalized should we not find any wrongdoing by this user.

Yes, I want to report this user. Male teens are twice as likely as female teens to be in a fatal car crash. To counter this, many states have long probationary periods where teen drivers must drive with an adult for a certain amount of hours to practice driving before they receive their full license.

Join with confidence, netivist is completely advertisement free.Pros & Cons of Driving at the Age of Getting a driver's license at age 16 is considered to be a right of passage for American teenagers in many states.

Each state has different laws regarding minimum age for driving unsupervised. The majority of states require drivers to be 16 or 16 and a half. States like. The oldest minimum age for driving is in New Jersey at 17 years old. But, there are an increasing number of restrictions that vary by state for drivers under Restrictions include night driving, the number of passengers allowed in the vehicle, mobile phone usage and more.

The pros and cons of raising the driving age to 18 are often based on accident statistics and facts about inexperience. If the only way to gain experience is to get behind the wheel to drive, then these additional key points must be considered to determine if.

There might be some pros to teen driving laws, but there are also some cons to them, like: Under age drivers might break curfew law because of ignorance or not caring. Less insurance bought by drivers (illegal) because of the cost.

Driving age debate In the countries where the driving age is very low (like the United States) there is a debate about if it would be better to rise the limit to Defenders of this position argue that teenagers are more responsible at 18, and also will get more experience driving with supervision a longer time.

Pros & Cons of Changing the Driving Age to 18 By Kathryn Walsh ; Updated April 18, that can limit his options after high school. Cons: Education and Experience. Pros & Cons of Driving at the Age of Teen Driving Laws .

Driving age limit pros and cons
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