Chemistry functional group and different types

When studying the structures and naming of organic molecules it is useful to see and compare many examples of similar chemicals and their structures. Alkyl halides [haloalkanes] consist of an alkyl group attached to a halogen: Some other functional groups are as follows, Group Chemistry functional group and different types.

Aldehydes can be shown in text as: August Learn how and when to remove this template message Benzyl acetate has an ester functional group in redan acetyl moiety circled with dark green and a benzyloxy moiety circled with light orange.

For example; the compounds which are composed of carbon and hydrogen only are known as hydrocarbons. Secondary alcohols can be oxidised to ketones.

As you proceed through the text, the writing will be in terms of functional groups. Secondary alcohols can be shown in text as: That is, every chemical bond is represented by a line or lines, in the cases of double and triple bonds.

To test yourself, try going through your cards and looking at the names and then drawing their structure on a sheet of paper.

Secondary amine Secondary amines have a pair of alkyl or aromatic groups, and a hydrogen, attached to a nitrogen atom.

Organic Chemistry/Overview of Functional Groups

According the IUPAC system, each functional group has characteristic names that often carry over in the naming of individual compounds incorporating specific groups. Primary alcohols can be shown in text as: Just as elements have distinctive properties, functional groups have characteristic chemistries.

In organic synthesisfunctional group interconversion is one of the basic types of transformations. Hydrogen H atoms form one single bond to another element.

Then try going through and looking at the structures and naming them. Tertiary alcohols can be shown in text as: So here double bonded carbon atoms and bromine is act as functional group. When the counter ion is included, the salt is being shown.

Carbon C atoms form four single bonds to other atoms OR any combination of single, double, or triple bonds that can be represented by a total of 4 lines, where double bonds are represented by two lines between the same two atoms and triple bonds are represented by three lines between the same two atoms.

Tertiary amines are also nucleophilic. For example, see the structures of propanal and propanone above.

Functional Groups

Nitriles can be shown in text as: Carboxylate ions can be shown in text as: This is due to the existence of multiple isomers of some combinations of elements. In other words, it changes the functionality of the molecule.

Complexation and solvation are also caused by specific interactions of functional groups. The above table of organic chemistry functional groups is not a complete list but includes those functional groups required by most UK A-Level Chemistry that is, AS Chemistry and A2 Chemistry combined exam boards.

One of the most common examples of hydrocarbons is alkanes which are saturated hydrocarbons with all single covalent bonds between carbon atoms. Oxygen atoms can form single or double bonds with other oxygen atoms but two oxygen atoms linked together by a double bond form a molecule of oxygen gas O2so when working-out or checking drawings of molecular structures in organic chemistry it is worth remembering that a double bond from an oxygen atom does not go to another oxygen atom, but usually to an atom of carbon.

Every functional group below is eventually discussed at one point or another in the book. If you need further information ask your chemistry tutor. Top Functional Groups On the basis of the presence of carbon atoms, chemical molecules can be classified into two types; organic and inorganic molecules.

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If a compound is named as the nitrile then the nitrile carbon is counted and included, but when the compound is named as the cyanide it is not.

Introduction[ edit ] The number of known organic compounds is quite large. Primary alcohols can be oxidised to aldehydes and on to carboxylic acids. Primary amides can be shown in text as: If there is another functional group at a carbon, it may be named with the Greek letter, e.

Combining the names of functional groups with the names of the parent alkanes generates what is termed a systematic nomenclature for naming organic compounds. RCHO Aldehydes are easily oxidised to carboxylic acids, and they can be reduced to primary alcohols. Organic reactions usually take place at the functional group, so learning about the reactivities of functional groups will prepare you to understand many other things about organic chemistry.

Define Functional Group "A group of atoms or small groups of atoms which show a characteristic reactivity when treated with certain reagents and impart some characteristic chemical and physical properties to the main molecule is termed as functional group.

Your initial set of cards should include, at the very least:In organic chemistry, a functional group is a specific group of atoms or bonds within a compound that is responsible for the characteristic chemical reactions of that compound.

Chemistry: Functional Group and Different Types

The same functional group will behave in a similar fashion, by undergoing similar reactions, regardless of the compound of which it is a part. In organic chemistry, functional groups are specific substituents or moieties within molecules that are responsible for the characteristic chemical reactions of those molecules.

The same functional group will undergo the same or similar chemical reaction(s) regardless of the size of the molecule it is a part of. Functional Groups of Organic Compounds A functional group is a specific arrangement of atoms in the HC derivative other than carbon and hydrogen.

Literally, the functional group determines the functions of the particular HC derivative in chemical reactions. ·Describe and compare different types of renewable and nonrenewable resources in terms of availability, cost, current use, pollution, and other properties.

These resources include: oil, coal, nuclear power, natural gas, solar power, wind power, hydropower, geothermal power, and biofuel.

The C=O group plays a particularly important role in organic chemistry. This group is called a carbonyland some of the functional groups based on a carbonyl are shown in the table below.

Functional Groups That Contain a Carbonyl. Jul 22,  · Functional groups - What are Functional groups? Its Definition and Meaning. Detailed Study of Different types of functional groups along with the examples.

Functional groups - What are Functional groups?

Functional group

is defined as a functional group.” Let us study in detail about some of the functional groups of the organic chemistry .

Chemistry functional group and different types
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