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Assessment and management of group-based violence: Hart ChairAdvancements in risk assessment and management. The MLG comprises 20 risk factors across four domains see Figure 1. When compared to secondary psychopaths, primary psychopaths were characterized by high PCL-R Factor 1 scores, high PCL-R Factor 2 scores, low covert narcissism, high overt narcissism, low borderline traits, and low anxiety.

Participants included 32 first-time male prison inmates from a state prison intake facility selected for having elevated psychopathy as measured by the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised PCL-R; Hare, Abstract The author examined history of childhood physical and sexual abuse in subtypes of psychopathy.

Internal report for Public Safety Canada. Limitations and future directions are discussed. A concurrent evaluation of threat assessment tools for the individual assessment of terrorism.

The nature of the literature on group-based violence. The second part of the dissertation reports on an evaluation of the MLG in two samples of criminal justice and mental health professionals who completed training and rated case studies.

Reliability the Multi-level Guidelines MLG for the assessment and management of group-based violence. The professionals also provided feedback for improving the MLG. The first part of the dissertation describes the development of the MLG based on a Campbell Collaboration review and expert feedback.

Contact me for more information on individual, group, and e-training options. Applications to organized crime. Risk assessment and management of group-based violence Doctoral Thesis. Abstract Group-based violence GBV may be defined as actual, attempted, or threatened physical injury that is deliberate and nonconsensual, perpetrated by one or more individuals whose decisions and behaviour are influenced by a group to which they currently belong or with which they are affiliated.

Overall, the results support the heterogeneity of psychopathy and will help improve our ability to manage and treat individuals with this personality disorder. A group, within the context of GBV, is an identifiable collection of two or more individuals who have some stable pattern of associations based at least to some extent on shared attitudes, norms, or values.

The Multi-level Guidelines MLG is a set of guidelines for the comprehensive, management-oriented assessment of group-based violence by threat assessment specialists by Drs. Group-based violence risk assessment and management:Alana N.

Cook of Simon Fraser University, Burnaby with expertise in Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Legal Psychology (Psychology and Law).

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Born or Made? History of Child Abuse in Subtypes of Psychopathy (Master's thesis, Pacific University). Risk Assessment and Management of Group-Based Violence by Alana N.

Alana N. Cook, Ph.D., R.Psych.

Cook M.S. (Clinical Psychology), Pacific University, (Psychology), University. Alana’s PhD Thesis “Risk Assessment and Management of Group-Based Violence” is now available. Abstract. (MLG; Cook, Hart, & Kropp, ). The first part of the dissertation describes the development of the MLG based on a Campbell Collaboration review and expert feedback.

Alana Cook, a clinical-forensic PhD student in SFU's Department of Psychology, has just published a paper in Canadian Psychology with Ron Roesch, professor of psychology and Director of the Mental Health, Law, & Policy Institute, on “tough on crime” bills.

Alana cook thesis
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