A description of mumps a disease caused by a virus and occurs only in human beings

How Do People Contract Mumps? There is one additional virus Hepatitis D virus which has not yet been assigned to a family but is clearly distinct from the other families infecting humans.

This is a stage in some diseases before the symptoms are first noted. During that time, it may be constantly present, or it may go into remission and periodically relapse.

What Is Polio?

Mumps is an infection caused by a virus. Outbreaks on college campuses have occurred among nonimmunized or incorrectly immunized students.

Inapproximatelycases of mumps were diagnosed in the United States. Daily use of inhaled steroids such as those used to control certain pulmonary diseases such as asthmaCOPDetc. This may sometimes lead to transformation, in other words a tumour.

The cough is usually more problematic at this point, and the patient feels awful. Severe pain often requiring hospitalization for pain management was one-sided in most cases.

Hereditary or inherited disease a type of genetic disease caused by mutation that is hereditary and can run in families Iatrogenic disease A disease condition caused by medical intervention. Eyebright Euphrasia officinalis eyewash to soothe eyes.

Symptoms usually appear within 14 to 25 days after exposure to the virus. There is one family and one genus of viruses known to infect humans that have not been associated with disease: Some chronic diseases can be permanently cured.

Viral disease

Before the vaccine, most mumps infections occurred in children under the age of 15, and 5- to 9-year-olds were the most frequently affected age group.

There is one family of partly double-stranded DNA viruses: HCV is spread by contact with the blood of an infected person. A very effective vaccine exists, made of live measles viruses that have been treated so they cannot cause infection.

Prevention Polio vaccine protects children by preparing their bodies to fight the polio virus. For example, varicella zoster virus causes chickenpox in the acute phase ; after recovery from chickenpox, the virus may remain dormant in nerve cells for many years, and later cause herpes zoster shingles.

Structural characteristics[ edit ] Basic structural characteristics, such as genome type, virion shape and replication site, generally share the same features among virus species within the same family.

Those born prior to are generally found to have acquired natural immunity and no vaccination is necessary. Morbidity rates are used in actuarial professions, such as health insurance, life insurance and long-term care insurance, to determine the correct premiums to charge to customers.

On the other hand, by emphasizing the medical nature of the condition, this term is sometimes rejected, such as by proponents of the autism rights movement. This is called humoral immunity.

Only 30 to 40 percent of people who become infected with the mumps virus have the swelling in the jaw area that most people associate with mumps.

Some patients also experience swelling in the other salivary glands. The reason for not giving this particular vaccine during pregnancy is the risk of transmitting measles to the unborn child. Four families have segmented genomes: All the non-enveloped families have icosahedral nucleocapsids.

Human Diseases Caused by Viruses

It includes emotional and behavioral disorders if they are due to changes to the physical structures or functioning of the body, such as after a stroke or a traumatic brain injury, but not if they are due to psychosocial issues.

There are four serious health complications of mumps: Talking, chewing, and swallowing can be painful, especially if the person eats or drinks acidic or sour food and beverages such as lemonade and orange juicewhich make the salivary glands squeeze out more saliva and increase discomfort.

List of Human Diseases Caused By Bacteria and Viruses

These do not cure HIV infection but stop the virus from multiplying and prevent the progress of the disease. Diagnosis and treatment A doctor typically diagnoses mumps by examining a person who has symptoms of the infection.

Called subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, this is a slowly progressing, smoldering, swelling, and destruction of the entire brain. A very rare complication of measles can occur up to 10 years or more following the initial infection.

Complete remission is the best possible outcome for incurable diseases.List of Human Disease Caused By Virus & Bacteria Disease Causing Agent Infection / Transmission AIDS Human T -cell Leukemia Virus HTLV-III blood and sperms, th. GK, General Studies, Optional notes for UPSC, IAS, Banking, Civil Services.

measles or rubeola (rōōbē´ələ), highly contagious disease of young children, caused by a filterable virus and spread by droplet spray from the nose, mouth, and throat of individuals in the infective stage. This period begins 2 to 4 days before the appearance of the rash and lasts from 2 to 5 days thereafter.

In an infectious disease, the incubation period is the time between infection and the appearance of symptoms. The latency period is the time between infection and the ability of the disease to spread to another person, which may precede, follow, or be simultaneous with the appearance of symptoms.

Some viruses also exhibit a dormant. Mumps virus is a single strand of RNA housed inside a two-layered envelope that provides the virus its characteristic immune signature.

Only one type of mumps virus has been demonstrated to exist (in contrast to the many. The mumps virus can infect various parts of the human body but typically attacks the salivary glands. The mouth has three pairs of salivary glands: one pair under the mouth and lower jaw; a second pair under the tongue; and a third pair in the back of both cheeks between the ear and the jaw.

Description of the Virus Mumps, a member of the paramyxovirus fam­ Newcastle disease virus). Epidemiology Human beings are the only natural host for the mumps virus.

The virus is endemic world­ matous disease of childhood,caused by an RNA virus. This disease may have cata­.

A description of mumps a disease caused by a virus and occurs only in human beings
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